Poly Dual Putty Nail Skills Conversion Course

From: £50.00

A One Day Course

A conversion course for those already qualified in Gel or Acrylic Nail Tip Enhancements and Gel Polish.



In order to take part in this course you will need to have completed either an Acrylic or Gel Nail Tip Enhancements or Gel Nail Polish course first.

This product is relatively new in the nail industry and is gaining popularity due to it’s ease of use, no odour, product strength and flexibility, with durability not sacrificed.

We can supply an optional kit with an LED lamp £169.99 or without an LED lamp £89.99 that you can purchase with the course and we will bring it along on the day.

You will be assessed by continual observation/exam to ensure that you have all the knowledge that you will need. You will also be required to complete four case studies to be submitted within one month of course completion date.

This is an ABT accredited fast track course and gives you knowledge and practical experience including the following units:

  • Basic Anatomy and Physiology of Nails
  • Contra-indications
  • Contra-actions
  • Nail Disorders and Diseases
  • Consultation/Patch Testing
  • Treatment room set-up
  • Aftercare/Homecare
  • Products and Tools
  • Health and Safety and Legislation
  • Professional Codes of Conduct and Ethics
  • Practical Session/Dual Gel application
  • Problem Solving

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